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Blockchain Infrastructure

Integrates blockchain technology to provide unique identities for each node.

Easy Token Integration

Every node has its own token. You can earn tokens by doing work. Whether it is non-fungible tokens, bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies having them can yield a significant return to disciplined investors. To get started with buying Bitcoin, check out the køb bitcoin guide and get to know how to buy bitcoin.

Global System and Secure

An efficient global system covering all corners, provides best data security.

Networking Session

Any one join with few simple steps and integrate our system to their website and start earn RDC.

Globally Accepted

Ordo is going to partnership with world top class video website and bloggers.


From the Airdrop you have a chance to earn free coins , DON’T MISS IT.

Total Coin Supply 51,000,000,000,000 RDC
Ttokens sale 4,080,000,000,000 RDC
Tokens exe. rate 1 ETH = 99000 RDC/1 BTC = 1,500,000 RDC
Min. transaction amount 0.1 ETH , 0.01 BTC
ICO Start Apr 23, 2018 (+5:30AM GMT)
ICO End June 30, 2018 (+5:30PM GMT)

Road Map

Ordo Coin Roadmap is Here.

Dec 2017 16 Dec
April 2018 24 April
May 2018 16 May
July 2018 12 July
Sep 2018 17 Sep
Dec 2018 12 Dec
March 2019 Date coming soon
June 2019 Date coming soon

10am – 12:30pm

Web Design Principles and Best Practices

David Warner

Founders identified opportunity for blockchain based video platform and started investigations – DeliveredThe Begining Day: 16 Dec 2017

January 3 2018

Adapted an existing white label UDP video player and CDN which has proven scale – Delivered


Launching an ICO and give a change to people to get free RDC coin in airdrop and referral program

David Warner

The Beginning Day: 24 April 2017

ICO Launch

Our ICO is launching in ERC 20 Platform & we are accept payment in ETC & BTC.

Date : 28 April 2018

UDP video player tested with Akamai at 30m+ unique users per month


Assemble core team and advisors

Release Player Prototype accepting RDCDate: 16 May 2018

May 23 2018

Fundraise through private sale

David Warner

Release Wallet prototype


Release and test Ordosity BlockchainDate: 12 July 2018

Convert Ordo onto Ordo Blockchain


Launch CMS and Analytics


Expand team of engineers

Launch Spark Marketplace Beta

Launch mobile apps

Launch full version of video sharing website

Jhon Doe

Launch Spark Marketplace

December 13 2018

Adapted an existing white label UDP video player and CDN which has proven scale – Delivered


Add advertising as a monetization option

David Warner

Now we are going to develop some new chains which is work with ordo chain & give an opportunity new companies into the market to test our product

Coming Soon

Who’s Speaking?

Global Grand Event on Digital Design


CEO & Lead Blockchain

Patric Green

Blochain App Developer

Paul Kowalsy

Community Management

Jhon Doe

Board Advisor

Daryl Dixon

Board Advisor

Chris Adams

Board Advisor

Ask Question?

Odro Coin – The only platform for video creaters

What is ICO Crypto?

ICO Crypto – is unique blockchain platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital, and the way investors buy and sell. It is all set to create an automated trading platform similar to bitcoin bank that is efficient in executing trade autonomously. For more information, go through this bitcoin bank deutschland information article.

How does Ordo differ from other videos platforms?

Current video platforms serve as a way for Creators to share content and a place for audiences to watch. Existing platforms have many stakeholders who all take their cut of the profit before Content Creators even get their “fair share”. Ordo strips all of this back and simplifies the value exchange so it’s directly between the Creator and their audience. By reducing the number of stakeholders, Ordo makes sure that more money is put into the community, ecosystem and economy, rather than being extracted by third-parties and middlemen.

Why does Ordo use centralized servers vs P2P?

Whilst peer-to-peer (P2P) video players are a way of reducing platform cost, during the years of development the Ordo team has spent with video distribution, we concluded that P2P is currently a poor way of distributing a large and ever-growing video library. P2P video platforms currently only work where a very large number of users want to watch a small number of videos. This means less popular videos, such as those from niche Content Creators, will always suffer from poor loading and quality issues on a P2P system.

What’s wrong with only watching an advert before content to pay Creators?

On current video platforms, usually, Viewers either have to pay large monthly subscriptions or watch adverts if they wish to support Creators. With advertising funded models, a viewer from the USA, watching an average 30-second advert, only generates around $0.01 (or c.$1.2 per hour of ads watched). Of this, only a small portion gets paid to the Creator with the majority going to corporations and advertiser middle-men. Even with such a small amount reaching Creators, only an estimated 1 in 3 videos even get monetized with advertising enabled. Using blockchain technology, Ordo creates an ecosystem and economy where Viewers can give Ordo to Creators directly. By cutting out the middlemen, more money gets to the Creators. Additionally, we don’t limit Content Creators to a single way to monetize. Creators can choose a donation, pay-per-view or monthly subscription model to monetize their content.

Why would a user want to spend ORDO to get OrdoSpark in a channel?

Aside from it being a great way of helping their favourite Content Creators to accelerate the growth of their channel, users who buy Ordospeaks in a channel with RDC receive a part of the channel’s future Ordo earnings all while they own the OrdoSpark. This means users can not only have a hand in helping a channel grow, but benefit directly from the success they helped create. Win-win!

Why would a Creator want to offer part of their future ORDO earnings in OrdoSparks?

As Content Creators continue to grow their career, community, and channel, they encounter increasing expectations in terms of quality, availability and schedule. While the majority of Creators start their channels as a hobby, it can quickly become a full-time career. The transition between hobby and career can often be challenging, especially with the increased time and money required to meet expectations. The Spark Marketplace gives Creators a way to fund and accelerate the growth of their channel. There are many reasons Creators and Publishers may need help funding growth such as new equipment or staff. In addition to funding, by selling OrdoSparks in their channel Creators and Publishers have a way to give back to their fans who helped fuel their success. This helps grow the bond between the Creator and their fans who now have added incentives to help grow the channel.

How will Ordo manage Creator rights & moderation?

Ordocoin will primarily empower the community to moderate itself, but there will be situations where action needs to be taken to avoid risks to the economy as a whole. When action from theplatform is required, it will be as a result of clearly defined rules to avoid any third parties manipulating the system. As Ordo enables a direct value exchange between Viewers and Creators, only clear policy violations should require platform action. Tools such as the upload limit for Creators naturally act to limit freedom given to content that is unwanted by the community. Further details on how Ordo will manage moderation to create a stable and long-term content ecosystem and economy can be found within the White Paper.

What our price list?

We are starting from 0.01 USD end when end te ico our prices are 0.07 USD.

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