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Easy Token Integration

Every node has its own token. You can earn tokens by doing work.

Blockchain Infrastructure

Integrates blockchain technology to provide unique identities for each node.

Global System and Secure

An efficient global system covering all corners, provides best data security.

Network Session

Any one join with few simple steps and integrate our system to their website and start earn RDC.


What is Ordo Coin?

Ordo Coin – is unique blockchain platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital, and the way investors buy and sell.


Global Investments Distribution

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICO Crypto?

ICO Crypto – is unique blockchain platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital, and the way investors buy and sell.

How does Ordo differ from other videos platforms?

Current video platforms serve as a way for Creators to share content and a place for audiences to watch. Existing platforms have many stakeholders who all take their cut of the profit before Content Creators even get their “fair share”. Ordo strips all of this back and simplifies the value exchange so it’s directly between the Creator and their audience. By reducing the number of stakeholders, Ordo makes sure that more money is put into the community, ecosystem and economy, rather than being extracted by third-parties and middlemen.

Why does Ordo use centralized servers vs P2P?

Whilst peer-to-peer (P2P) video players are a way of reducing platform cost, during the years of development the Ordo team has spent with video distribution, we concluded that P2P is currently a poor way of distributing a large and ever-growing video library. P2P video platforms currently only work where a very large number of users want to watch a small number of videos. This means less popular videos, such as those from niche Content Creators, will always suffer from poor loading and quality issues on a P2P system.

How will Ordo manage Creator rights & moderation?

Ordocoin will primarily empower the community to moderate itself, but there will be situations where action needs to be taken to avoid risks to the economy as a whole. When action from theplatform is required, it will be as a result of clearly defined rules to avoid any third parties manipulating the system. As Ordo enables a direct value exchange between Viewers and Creators, only clear policy violations should require platform action. Tools such as the upload limit for Creators naturally act to limit freedom given to content that is unwanted by the community. Further details on how Ordo will manage moderation to create a stable and long-term content ecosystem and economy can be found within the White Paper.

  • 10% Team and Founders
  • 15% Contributors and Advisors
  • 75% Token Distribution

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A perfect platform for video seekers

The Ordo Platform is aiming to contribute to the global Blockchain User Adoption across regular people by intuitive and seamless integration of vastly used E-Commerce channel with the Decentralised Payment.

  • Blockchain Infrastructure
  • Easy Token Integration
  • Global System and Secure
  • Networking Session
  • Globally Accepted
  • Free ORDO


Earn Ordo by supporting channels

Ordo’s economy is designed to help Viewers find the content that they really want to watch.

Direct commercial relationships between channel owners and their Viewers, ensure no third party can bias content suggestions.


Everything to get you started


In our white paper you'll get all the information about our company background and our project details.


Whenever we will update in our project You'll notified by mail.

Payment Options

We must receive payments in ETH or BTC

Referral & Bounty

Our referral program was ended. If you purchase coin directly from our website you'll get 20% bonus.


Who We Are

Get to know the team of enthusiasts who are working hard
and passionately behind this project

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  • team2

    Patric Green

  • team6

    Paul Kowalsy

  • team5

    Jhon Doe

  • team3

    Daryl Dixon

  • team4

    Chris Adams


How it was implemented

Here is a timeline of how we get started with the
ordo tokens and where we are going further

  • Dec2017

    Ordo Platform Idea

    Founders identified opportunity for blockchain based video platform and started investigations – Delivered.

  • Apr2018

    Planning to Launching an ICO

    We are very happy to launch an ICO of our product and we hope you’ll also like an our idea and support us through the ICO.

  • May2018

    Final Launching an ICO

    From 1st may 2018 to 30th june 2018 our ICO will run, We will hope you’ll support our project.

  • Aug2018

    Distribute Token to the Holders

    We’ll launching our prototype soon and distribute token to the contributes. We are so happy to supporting us in such a great way.

  • Sep2018

    Launching Prototype

    We are launch our prototype soon and you will notify by mail. Interested users will fill a form for testing our prototype as a tester.

  • Mar2019

    Launch Web Platform and Mobile Apps

    Our final product will launch soon. After launch our API comes to global market and interested users will use our API for their projects and viewers will also paid by Ordo.